Mailing List Message #166
From: Jon Doyle <>
Subject: Pronto! HTML5 preview - with email and calendar now
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2013 07:50:05 +0200
To: CGPro cPanel Development <>
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while this is still in debug mode I thought many of you would like to take a preview of the new pronto! client that is based on HTML5 and has WebRTC built in. The later means that this client does not need a plugin for voice and video calls when used with Chrome or FireFox. It is also said and rumored that Microsoft will begin initial support later this month as they are backing the WebRTC standards now. 

As with the nature of HTML5 the source code is available and customizable. In fact the entire design can be changed with web designers of your own. We should be able to include this in the upcoming 3.0 release cycle, albeit maybe not initially, as we are focused now on getting the IP Centrex features in the first builds of 3.0 next week for the HostingCON show in Austin. 

Here is the place you can have the preview:


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