Mailing List Message #162
From: Jon Doyle <>
Subject: Re: [cPanel]CGPro: Manage Accounts design
Date: Fri, 17 May 2013 13:58:07 +0200
To: CGPro cPanel Development <>
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> Good work to the team. I checked out the page yesterday and liked the fact that other directory records like real name, unit etc were added. However, the account overview page seem to have returned to the previous format with all the new options removed. What happened?

It is a beta, and work is in progress. More soon. We have added some more graphical elements and should have not the preview next week.

> I also observed that WorkPhone/Telephone number was added for accounts. Would it fall under cpanel account details or would the details be entered into CommuniGate's directory record and as such accessible via LDAP using Outlook or any LDAP tool?

The idea is to populate the central directory so this information can be used for a variety of things like Rulesets and soon Multi-factor authentication.


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