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From: Jon Doyle <>
Subject: Re: [cPanel][ #17037] Fwd: Re: Cloudware for cPanel
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2013 14:32:32 +0200
To: CGPro cPanel Development <>
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1) How can the Account Type column listed under the Account Overview section be hidden from end users' view? Alternatively, we may want our customers to see the account type but be unable to change it.

right now that is not configurable. The idea is that the "hosted company" would have some administrator, and she / he would be the one to provision and modify accounts. Other than changing passwords; which is done thru Webmail. 

We can add this to the roadmap, if this is deemed important. But that would limit the "Domain" administrator role significantly as seen. 

2) We have some special fields that we would need to add or manage via the Manage Accounts interface e.g telephonenumber which goes to the directory records. How can directory integration be included to cpanel?

This area of telephony is scheduled for ver. 3.0 that has the ETA of Mid-June. 

3) May we use an existing WHM server that already contain websites? Would the cpanel adapter installation override existing data or can we simply backup the data and restore after CGP installation?

Websites should not be effected at all. Email should be migrated. 

4) We need to move a customer's email on WHM (exim) to CGP. How may we migrate it without knowing the customer's password and using imapsync?

Migration of email is something we might be able to help with. If you send a email request to with the details and the amount of accounts, we can go from there. 



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